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I-84 Gateway Special Planning Area

Characterizaed as Large Scale Commercial & Industrial

This diverse area offers many development opportunities. With access to I-84, larger-scale commercial operations would have advantageous siting here. With a well-populated residential area in close proximity plus commuter access road and interstate traffic, certain retail operations would also find this a prime location.

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" It is envisioned that the Interstate 84 Special Planning Area be multi-faceted:
  1. The Ashford Motel section provides the opportunity to locate larger commercial buildings that have both visual exposure to and convenient vehicular access to the interstate. These businesses are not likely to serve local residents. Traffic to and from this site would have little negative impact on either local roads or the land use along them.

  2. The Frontage Road section should be reserved for medium scale commercial or retail development that would be compatible with the character of the area. These businesses would serve Ashford residents as well as those within easy access via Interstate 84. Development would need to consider the apparent presence of wetlands at both ends of this section.

  3. The Lead Mine Hill section should serve as a rural gateway to Ashford. While development may be a challenge, this area provides an opportunity to locate a large commercial or industrial development. The overall scene should be preserved while allowing for planned development."
Ashford Plan of Conservation & Development (2004)
USGS Topgraphical Map of the I-84 Special Planning Area dedpicted by heavy black dashed line. Recent aerial photograph of the I-84 Special Planning Area looking north.

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