Lake Chaffee's residents could support local businesses
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Lake Chaffee Special Planning Area

Characterized as a Residential Lakeside Community

Small, family-friendly businesses could benefit from the private lake community Lake Chaffee. Although the lakeside property is under deeded restrictions by an active property association, Rte. 89 accessing I-84 offers opportunity to cultivate consumer services to compliment the retailers and farm stand that serve the neighborhood now.

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"Lake Chaffee is the centerpiece of the surrounding neighborhood. In the best interests of the town and L.C.I.A., all efforts should be made to reduce the impact of the existing residential development and maximize water quality levels. Small-scale businesses serving local needs will be permitted on the east side of Rte. 89 in this SPA."

Ashford Plan of Conservation & Development (2004)
USGS Topgraphical Map of the Lake Chaffee Special Planning Area dedpicted by heavy black dashed line. Rare double rainbows are not so infrequent over Ashford's Lake Chaffee Recent aerial photograph of the Lake Chaffee Special Planning Area looking approximately to the northwest.