Knowlton Memorial Hall and Babcock Library
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Warrenville Special Planning Area

Characterized as Mixed-Use, Municipal Center

As Ashford's municipal center, Warenville buzzes with local foot traffic from the senior housing and activity facilites, town employees, local churches and library patrons. Businesses complimentary to the village life would be a suitable addition. A weekly Farmer's Market and town recreational activities frequently take advantage of the adjacent Pompey Hollow Park. Plans to slow down through- traffic for pedestrian safety are being researched. Near a busy intersection and with much commuter traffic, Warrenville has potential for businesses offering consumer services and conveniences.

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" It is envisioned that Warrenville retain and expand its role as the municipal center of Ashford. This role may include the addition/renovation of additional facilities to serve the residents of Ashford.

It is further envisioned that Warrenville remain diversified in its land use, as fits its identity as an historic New England village. Efforts should be made to ensure any new development or renovation supports this historic village identity. Mixed use on existing sites should be allowed. Pedestrian traffic should be encouraged including linkages to other development areas and open space."

Ashford Plan of Conservation & Development (2004)
Babcock Library
USGS Topographical Map of the Warrenville Special Planning Area dedpicted by heavy black dashed line. Recent aerial photograph of the Warrenville Special Planning Area looking northerly.