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West Ashford Special Planning Area

Characterized as Medium Scale Commercial

Sited on a busy intersection accessing I-84 and Rte. 44, this site offers businesses through-traffic, commuters and tourists, and local Ashford traffic. Its proximity to the post office, an established residential development and the town's major recreational facility close by provides much potential for consumer services such as banking, retail and professional services. Existing businesses in this planning area include restaurants, light manufacturing, wine shop, automotive repair services, independent grocery market, and other convenience retailer services.

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"It is envisioned that West Ashford continues to receive commercial development focused on meeting the needs of the community.

Examples may include the following: professional offices, small retail establishments, restaurants, financial services/bank, etc. Continuing the development scale of the existing commercial space will allow for service and retail business of a slightly larger size than would be appropriate in the village environment of Warrenville. Traffic is expected to be primarily vehicular, though with allowances made for non-vehicular traffic from nearby Ashford Park and Warrenville.

Industrial and/or manufacturing business are not compatible with the current or envisioned character of this area and should be directed to the Interstate 84 Special Planning Area."

Ashford Plan of Conservation & Development (2004)
USGS Topographical Map of the West Ashford Special Planning Area dedpicted by heavy black dashed line. Ashford Park is a densely settled residential development. Recent aerial photograph of the West Ashford Special Planning Area looking in a northwesterly direction.