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Ashford Business Demographics

Existing businesses in Ashford are diverse. While some businesses serve the local community and regional customers through an expanding tourism and commuter trade, Ashford is also home to a mix of manufacturing and service businesses with national and international customers
  • Ashford's has 15 Agricultural-based businesses representing 9.6% of businesses, including working dairy farms, orchards and greenhouses.

  • Construction firms total 31, or 19.7% of business.

  • Six manufacturing firms, or 3.8% of our business base, and five transportation/utilities have facilities located here.

  • The Trade sector has 19 firms in Ashford, or 12.1% of business.

  • Businesses in Finance, Insurance or Real Estate total five, or 3.2% of our total business base.

  • Service firms make up the greatest portion of our businesses at 40.1%. There are 63 companies located here.

  • Businesses related to Government total 13, with 8.3% of the total.

Source: Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. 2005

Nationally recognized Westford Hill Distillary is headquartered iin Ashford
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