Starting a Business in Ashford

Ashford has the advantage of being located strategically in relation to area commercial hubs. We are very accessible to Hartford, Boston, and Providence. We are close to two major state universities, and have a steady and eclectic workforce.

Ashford’s residents have expressed their desire for our town to maintain its rural character. A respect for Ashford's agricultural heritage shapes much of the community’s attitude, yet there is support for continued expansion of our business community.

A business entering the town must combine the need to maximize profit with the desire to embrace the rural flavor of the community. It is the obligation of both the town and our businesses to work together to produce a result that benefits all. The Ashford Economic Development Commission is eager to assist in the success of your business.


To show support for its local businesses, the Ashford Economic Development Commission has developed its own campaign to encourage residents to buy locally and support their hometown businesses. In addition to creating its own unique logo, the AEDC is supporting this program with collateral distributed throughout town including posters, brochures, and window decals. In addition, sales promotions with local businesses are part of the plan.

AEDC, and several commission members, actively cooperates with the Ashford Business Association (ABA). Local businesses are encouraged to join this independent organization, and post their business on ABA's directory of services so area residents can easily find local services-- a key component of Ashford's "Buy Local" campaign:

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