Providence  is the capitol of Rhode Island and a gateway to Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha's Vinyard.

Ashford is 41 miles from Providence, an easy 75 minute drive through rural New England.>

New London  is home to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, prestigeous Connecticut College and immediately across the Thames River from the U.S. Submarine base at Groton....

Ashford is 40 miles from New London, an easy 60 minute drive.transparent spacer
Ashford is 145 miles from NYC, an easy 3 hour drive via interstate or scenic parkway. 

Airline service to NYC is also within easy reach of Ashford via airports in Providence, Worcester, Springfield and Hartford.

Ashford, Connecticut

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Ashford, Connecticut was settled at the crossroads of New England's earliest thruways. The convergence of three early turnpikes at Ashford encouraged travel and commerce between Boston, Hartford, and Providence.

Today, Ashford's location still makes it a prime location for businesses. With I-84, Rtes. 74, 89 and 44 crossing through it, scenic Ashford is centrally located within 75 miles of these great New England cities.

Whether your business is retail-oriented requiring high traffic counts, tourist-driven for customers seeking a breath of fresh air, or requiring access for easy distribution, consider Ashford. Click here for a tour of Ashford's Special Planning Areas for business.
Albany is the capitol and hub of the industrialized portion of up-state New York

Ashford is 135 miles from Albany, an easy 2+ hour drive via I-84 & I-90. 

Airline service to Albany is also within easy reach of Ashford via airports in Providence, Worcester, and Hartford. Springfield is the commercial hub of the industrialized western Massachusetts.

Ashford is 51 miles from Springfield, less than an hour drive via I-84 & I-90. Hartford is the capitol of Connecticut, the political, economic and transportation hub of southern New England.  

Ashford is 31 miles from Hartford, an easy half-hour drive via I-84. Worcester is New England's second largest city with a concentration of medical services and educational institutions.

Ashford is 40 miles from Worcester, an easy 50 minute drive via I-84 & I-90. Boston is the historical heart, cultural and economic center of the northeast.

Ashford is 77 miles from Boston, an easy 90 minute drive via I-84 & I-90.